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    handsome as Steve McQueen
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    My little daughter, fishing, books
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    My little daughter
  1. whiteRabbit

    (Late) Merry Christmas

    No Country for Old Men my friend that's all I can say
  2. whiteRabbit

    (Late) Merry Christmas

    Ty Stiuart :) Best wishes and good health.
  3. whiteRabbit


    Who ? Nooo..I'm alive. Not so bad, common problems..divorce in progres, heart problems etc. In leisure time in the evening WOT game ( I am big fan ). I sometimes see you and the team at Steam platform. COD4!! Really?? OMG so good memories Maybe we find some worthy game once who knows Croatia plays tonight I'm going to a Pub with boys I hope my heart will resist hehe. Best wishes all
  4. whiteRabbit

    Hey 2018

    Hey you're alive .. Gaming? WOT only..and shoveling snow
  5. whiteRabbit

    Hey 2018

    Yea. Just like a zombie
  6. whiteRabbit

    Hey 2018

    Dear All. Merry Christmas you and your families. Until some better (gamers) times stand still healthy and happy.
  7. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    Scotland sounds like a country for me (I like it since I watched Trainspotting ) and.hello James, you handsome young man
  8. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    Hehe same here damn global warming
  9. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    Summer is going to end soon, I hope so... It was terrible, High temperature without rain omg And a bunch of stupid British everywhere I hope for a quick autumn And I think I'm not alone
  10. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    "Quake Champions" Never heard of it. (shame ) I think I ended up with FPS games. I have a problem with my eyes...Now I can only play games as WOT nice and easy style.
  11. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    Nice to see you again James, Its been a while yeah from the last good COD 4 days
  12. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    Her music fills my nights But that's just me! I spent a few days on the Adriatic sea... I regret that I am not rich..It's nice there. Smells and sounds on Croatian islands..priceless
  13. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    hehe yes..Maybe it's time to send epicDot in history
  14. whiteRabbit

    Too busy

    Is there anyone alive who loves lana del rey?
  15. whiteRabbit

    Too busy


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