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  1. Nice to see you again James, Its been a while yeah from the last good COD 4 days
  2. Her music fills my nights But that's just me! I spent a few days on the Adriatic sea... I regret that I am not rich..It's nice there. Smells and sounds on Croatian islands..priceless
  3. hehe yes..Maybe it's time to send epicDot in history
  4. Is there anyone alive who loves lana del rey?
  5. I hope I will see the day when you will be fine .. but you are young and strong You will be fine. Until the next meeting Watch the new season of the Twin Peaks
  6. Life on Mars found You're fine, I hope
  7. Is there anyone alive here?
  8. I'm late, course, all the best Dear All.
  9. Bella macchina, congrats
  10. really sweet
  11. Click here to view the media
  12. Happy New Year girls and boys