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  1. Whoops

    (Late) Merry Christmas

    Did you guys have a nice break. Hows life treating you
  2. Whoops

    Battlefield V (5)

    It's in closed Alpha. I can't wait for it to be released. Will be a Good one!
  3. Whoops

    Battlefield V (5)

    Lol miserable sod... but problem is that GPU requirements are pushed up by every game released. No wonder why people move on to consoles.
  4. Whoops


    You gone to the home of loners yet or still alive? How are you!
  5. Whoops


    Yeah World cup:) happy days rabbit
  6. Whoops


    I can never quit gaming. Still more fond of pc gaming than xbox or PlayStation. Got a switch for daughter a while back but personally never got into it. I now only buy through Steam, all games centralised and I can use on multiple devices. Macs supported in a limited way too. Never have time to seriously sit down and play but one day I will have more time. I loved the battlefield series but nothing since then really come across as being great. Last 12 month's been more on mobile gaming. Hardly or don't play clash of clans anymore but Lords Mobile still very active. My guild there is EDP in Kingdom 210. Have invested a fair amount but gives me what I need; a blast and a break. The idea with the site revamp was to bridge different platforms including mobile. All players need a break right? Having a neutral place to meet up for 5min could be the thing. However, as with everything. Needs to be maintained and too busy at the moment lol. I will revisit project in autumn ready for winter. Enjoying nice summer days at the moment in the middle of all work stress
  7. Whoops


    Lol King, long time no seen. Site actually been off for a couple of years but I left site online with the view to revamp/revisit one day. Gaming not same these days. Was just changing site when work got busy again which is typical. How you doing still gaming or got 4 kids and getting old
  8. Whoops


    General snaps of my lords mobile
  9. Whoops


    Will be a while before I can use it but bought it anyway. Screenshot show max skills level. Reckon it will take a while to build up!
  10. Whoops

    Guide: How to grow!

    Excellent guide!!
  11. Whoops


    Winning is everything
  12. From the album: Wins

  13. From the album: Wins

  14. Whoops


  15. Whoops

    Forum posts

    All forum posts have been archived. If you scroll up, you will see where and what. Instead of deleting the posts from the Call of Duty years, decided to archive all of them! Site has had a revamp and new start
  16. Whoops

    Forum posts

    Where all the posts gone?
  17. Whoops

    Steam Logon

    For the login workflow. 1) if a user creates a NEW account using the Steam login, they must login using Steam every time, or request a password reset using their email to initialize a login via the standard IPS login method. When signing in through Steam, the API doesn't give me the users username, password, or email address. When setting up the account, IPS only asks for a username and email and the password is left empty so the only way in is through Steam authorization. 2) If an existing user links their Steam account to their forum account via Account Settings, they will be able to login using EITHER method, Steam or the normal IPS account login they've already been using. Steam doesn't 'take over' the account.
  18. Whoops

    Steam Logon

    How do I use the Steam Logon versus profile ID?
  19. Whoops

    TeamSpeak 3

    For the gamers out there we have a TeamSpeak 3 server that can be used for you to create private/public channels. Download client from https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads.html#client and follow the instructions as below: Under Connections click connect, choose a Nickname of your preference: Client will connect to our server voice.epicdot.com You can from here create sub channels and meet up with friends. No need to schedule anything as server is online 24/7
  20. Whoops

    Steam group link

    Group link is here https://steamcommunity.com/groups/epicdot do add us and when we become active again, we know how to find you for a meetup and some game fun.
  21. Whoops

    EDP = Aequitas

    Just in case you wondered. Same name as guild in-game...
  22. I lost badly to stupidity.
  23. Whoops


    We will invite in members and populate with more content next few weeks. This site will eventually link up multiple guilds and we can all call it ‘Community’.

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