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  1. James

    Too busy

    Yeh life is all about work nowadays Been trying to get back into gaming but its not the same as the good old days. Tried out some of the newer CoDs but wow that a pile of sh1te... Although I am enjoying the WWII beta.
  2. James

    Too busy

    Should come to Scotland, pretty much cold and miserable here all the time haha
  3. James

    Too busy

    Hey guys its been a while
  4. Hey guys, been a while since ive posted on ED, I've been so so busy, I got a job as an IT Client Support Analyst for an Oil Company in Aberdeen in August and also passed my driving test on the 7th of January this year got my first car on Saturday a 1.2 VW Polo 6r It's awesome
  5. yeh ive got a student loan but only get £44p/m cos i live at home and my dad earns too much
  6. Hi guys, just wondering what these are worth cos being a student severely aint good for money. Desktop: Antec 1200 Intel i3 2.93ghz (oced to 4ghz) 8GB Corsair Ram 1tb western digital harddrive Gigabyte GA-H55m-ud2h XFX ATI HD5750 512MB Bluray ROM Drive (samsung) Corsair TX650W Windows 8 Pro 64bit with media center Laptop: Sony Vaio VPCEB4C5E Intel i3 2.53ghz Bluray RW Drive 8GB Corsair Ram ATI HD5650 1GB 15.6" screen (1080p) windows 7 ultimate 64bit I also have a 24" LCD monitor samsung syncmaster or something, Logitech x-540 surround and an apple keyboard. I dunno if im selling any of these computers etc just want to see what you guys think they are worth
  7. James

    Clean up

    It look's great whoops nice change
  8. its Aberdeen there is no sun lol
  9. Here is a panoramic of Aberdeen Beach I took a couple of weeks ago [ATTACH=CONFIG]720[/ATTACH]
  10. Thanks Wattz :)

  11. happy 18th birthday james! :)

  12. James

    Ninja playing

    Woah, the first time i watched Last of the Mohicans i loved the song, and this sounds great. Great work
  13. James

    AlterIW to be discontinued.

    Activision took their time. I remember aIW when there was only 0-50players, those where the days, I knew from day one that aIW would get shut down just never expected it to last 2years.
  14. James

    The coolest sunset i ever seen!

    woah nice one.
  15. James

    Some Pics of Scotland 2011

    Here is another Pic taken today http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamessinger94/6771359743/sizes/l/in/photostream/

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