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    In every Community there is someone with very low/none tolerance meter towards stupid/useless posts/threads/people - in ED I'm the one to carry that "position/title".

    I'm not another raging 15 so I have few rules for myself.
    I dont accept random friend invites via ... anything :

    Random = Rejected.
    I need a reason to add someone so , you are talking/playing/living/etc. with me , there is a bigger chance that it is a reason to be added to friend list , I'm not adding anyone just to be PRO and have a full list.
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  1. Yup. For some reason I think the only way to have a good multiplayer COD experience is to go back to "old" CODs and for me there are only 2 there : COD4 and WaW (ok , maybe 3 of them adding first BO to it). One thing that is 100% sure this days is ... COD (franchise) is dead. Anyone following "Quake Champions" news ?
  2. Looking at how much replies we get since a while I wouldnt be expecting too much "confirmations"
  3. Still dealing with post surgery pain , since they had to cut my elbow open again. But besides that , everything good
  4. Nope We went into hiding
  5. The only game I'm playing these days is Division , and its only like 1-2h a day so ... I need to find a game that people actually play and arent total brain dead "tools". COD was an amazing franchise (to met people and have fun) ... 6 years ago. Today COD is "dead and gone".
  6. Never liked TS too much. To be honest I didnt like any of those apps (TS , Ventrilo , etc.) Years back prefered to chat with whole team when playing or at least who ever was talking , now even when playing with friends I mute all of them instead of one person that actually "plays" with me
  7. Late Merry Christmas but at least I made it before Happy New Year
  8. Thought you meant something else besides the "notify me of replies" in reply window. Emails about PMs are always the only option I turn ON about notifications from forums
  9. I'm only getting notifications about PMs , so no clue. Or are you talking about something else ?
  10. it sounds like something that never happend before
  11. Next time put your pants back on when going outside , it helps
  12. Wrote few things there earlier , before posting this thread. Came back after a while to check if someone found it useful and realized that it didnt store my messages like shoutbox.
  13. Morning. As in title , will try to post/write here about all incoming FREE weekends/periods of games available. Since our old shoutbox isnt there anymore and Chat that is there doesnt store messages when you leave , I will be posting about those "events" here. If anyone knows about any of those kind (free weekend, etc.) , also share it in here So to start it with a BANG ! FREE WEEKEND for RAINBOW SIX SIEGE November 10 - 13 Is available on Steam / UPlay - whatever you prefer. But I would rather recommend going for UPlay , since its their game you will be forced to redirect your connection from Steam to UPlay Besides that UPlay gives away FREE copies of : FARCRY3 BLOOD DRAGON Till 9 December.
  14. Nope, didnt and wont Looking for a new game to fill the space for old CODs and BBC2. They wont do anything good anymore so time to look for something new.
  15. Oh god , that had to look amazing