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  2. Nice looking Linux distro with many options. Might be just what you want! https://garudalinux.org/
  3. Ignore if you get certificate issues and click 'accept' or yes.
  4. Service is back online You can create an account using the Client or via web based version https://epicxe.com:7443/inverse/
  5. We have enabled a new service. Welcome to EPICXE.com Rocket.Chat! The Rocket.Chat desktops apps for Windows, macOS and Linux are available to download here. The native mobile app, Rocket.Chat, for Android and iOS is available from Google Play and the App Store. For the server URL type in https://epicxe.com, if you already have an account - logon, or create a new account. For further help, please ask in #general channel. Feel free to create a channel or teams to suit. Channels bring order and clarity to work - you can create them for every project, topic or team. Creating a 'Teams' can have their own channels and you can make it private or public. You may configure each channel in your Teams Channel to suit. For local/external groups, friends, family, work colleagues, global connections - you choose! The idea is simple. A place, anonymously or not where you can meet friends, family and colleagues for a chat or video meets. WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and others have its purpose - our version is freedom, you are in control.
  6. These games getting way complicated now https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/the-world-of-battlefield-2042 and you need a powerful pc .
  7. Cleaned up site, added back Openfire, removed test COD5, restored minecraft bedrock, changed back to default theme for now (will be changed later).
  8. Whoops

    Still online?

    Maybe down to Nostalgia. Services ceased many years ago. At its peak 20+ servers of which many were populated 24/7 fully maxed. Good times. No activities are currently in place. However, instead of deleting everything we decide to archive and keep site online. Perhaps one day your children will play or a reunion will take place. One day, services may once again be brought back to life. Nevertheless, it is part of history and how we grew up. How we socialised and met to play.
  9. Whoops

    Still online?

    |ED| COD4 service ceased many years ago, why is site still active?
  10. Whoops


    Along the way there has been big changes. At some point the forum platform was InfoPop, vBulletin, SMF before eventually Invision Community. During some of these migrations, forum(s) were reset or posts not migrated. Most posts for the period in question were migrated. We have now archived all posts instead of deleting the forum.
  11. Whoops


    Why are certain posts not available. Some older posts from 2012 dont seem to show in search or archives.
  12. I love to play clash of clans in 2021 so far
  13. Site was offline/unstable most of today. A 2nd restore fixed it. Down to a server move and minor changes that didnt follow with the migration. Should be ok now but we shall see! If it goes offline next few days - you know why but will come back online
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