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  1. |ED| Community # Global

    Archive of past times. |ED| Call of Duty service and a couple of years of fun!. At its peak our servers were populated 24/7 full and maxed. Instead of deleting the data, it has been archived so you can all read when bored. 


    Random Chats. Having a short break, lunch, coffee? Be social, it is good for your health. We also use Openfire, you can use most XMPP clients to connect to epicxe.com, use our WebClient or install Spark client for Windows, Linux and Mac. Service will also support audio/video.

    Ask Us!

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    Ask Us! and We or Community will assist within limits. Why did you stop COD4?, What was your peak and how many members?, Did you ever reach gametracker #1?, Why have you archived everything?, How far away is the moon?

    Site feedback for |ED| Community, announcements or simply new ideas. Changes, new projects and whatever is going on.

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