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Archive of past times. |ED| Call of Duty service and a couple of years of fun!. At its peak our servers were populated 24/7 full and maxed. Instead of deleting the data, it has been archived so you can all read when bored. 

Random Chats. Having a short break, lunch, coffee? Be social, it is good for your health. We also use Rocket.Chat, you can use IOS/Android clients to connect to https://epicxe.com, client for Windows, Linux and Mac. Service will also support audio/video.

Ask Us!

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Ask Us! and We or Community will assist within limits. Why did you stop COD4?, What was your peak and how many members?, Did you ever reach gametracker #1?, Why have you archived everything?, How far away is the moon?

Site feedback for |ED| Community, announcements or simply new ideas. Changes, new projects and whatever is going on.

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