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    In every Community there is someone with very low/none tolerance meter towards stupid/useless posts/threads/people - in ED I'm the one to carry that "position/title".

    I'm not another raging 15 so I have few rules for myself.
    I dont accept random friend invites via ... anything :

    Random = Rejected.
    I need a reason to add someone so , you are talking/playing/living/etc. with me , there is a bigger chance that it is a reason to be added to friend list , I'm not adding anyone just to be PRO and have a full list.
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    Blood , guts & dead people - Hospital

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  1. Just got on to wish anyone "interested" Merry Christmas and Happy 2020 ... and noticed that I came to wish it the exact same day last year Stay Safe Everyone
  2. A bit late but maybe still someone will read it Hope You all are still doing well. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 to everyone.
  3. Wait ... I'm pretty sure I've seen this sentence few times already in past few years when people were describing other games
  4. At this point no FPS game is worth buying/playing for me. So I'm back to what I like to play most , strategy games (rts or turn based) mostly on weekends with a friend
  5. Yup , Merry Christmas to you too Rabbit And anyone else who is interested Since its close to New Year ... Happy 2018,
  6. So maybe there will be a chance to play something ... after those few years Nothing changed over here.
  7. So ... nothing changed Would be fun to once in a while get few people back and play few rounds ... of anything. Even something "free to play" so there wouldnt be a problem of people being forced to purchase something they dont have.
  8. You are the first person from which I heard positive opinion about that (game) beta Everyone saying its God awful port with horrendous optimization. Plus if playing on PC noone plays anything else besides kids sniping (problem noticeable only on PC). Thats why I decided I wont even bother DLing beta.
  9. That makes a lot of sense , friend who lived in Scotland for few years told me the same thing To be honest my fav weather is snow/rain ...
  10. I hope for winter as soon as possible Hate summer , need to find myself a cold place for those 3 - 4 months each year.
  11. You didnt miss much at this point , its in BETA at the moment : https://quake.bethesda.net/en/ My GO TO as a "relax" game is Division
  12. Yup. For some reason I think the only way to have a good multiplayer COD experience is to go back to "old" CODs and for me there are only 2 there : COD4 and WaW (ok , maybe 3 of them adding first BO to it). One thing that is 100% sure this days is ... COD (franchise) is dead. Anyone following "Quake Champions" news ?
  13. Looking at how much replies we get since a while I wouldnt be expecting too much "confirmations"
  14. Still dealing with post surgery pain , since they had to cut my elbow open again. But besides that , everything good
  15. Nope We went into hiding
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