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Archive 2011-2013 mostly - Call of Duty Years

Archive of past times. |ED| Call of Duty service and a couple of years of fun!. At its peak our servers were populated 24/7 full and maxed. Instead of deleting the data, it has been archived so you can all read when bored. 

|ED| Archive only

Archive section for 2011-2013 |ED| Call of Duty years mostly. Do not reply or start new posts


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EpicDot.com Feedback & Updates.


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Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4. Battlefield join the next generation game technology!

Call of Duty

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All versions of Call of Duty. General and Other Versions


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Discuss the latest in mobile gaming.

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Doom, Unreal, Warcraft, Civilization, StarCraft.  We support other games too! Other games listed

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