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Project Rome is the result of hard work on part of our developers to emulate the internal workings of E.A.'s servers in order to allow you to experience the game on a fully liberated environment, with support for private server hosting, modifications, and more!

But that’s just the beginning! Stay tuned for cool new capabilities such as offline/LAN support, extended features and more!



Latest Build is 914.

After you have downloaded the required files you need to extract them into your Battlefield: Bad Company 2 directory (where BFBC2Game.exe resides). In order to play you need an Emulator Nexus account and a fully up-to-date Bad Company 2 installation (you can update by simply launching BFBC2Updater.exe.)

Then you must launch your game by executing BFBC2Game.exe and login using your Emulator Nexus account. If you don't already have an account you can create one here!

Mirrors: #1 #2

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4 hours ago, Dark_Pontifex said:

Unfortunately that download ends in a dead link. Is there another source?

Also got ERROR notice when trying via "Download Project Rome Client" button.

Underneath it are 2 additional options :


Mirrors : #1 , #2


Go with the #1 , that one works (#2 doesnt).

Just tried it and its the only way for me to get "download" actually working :)

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Well, after spending a couple of days modding my server I didn't really succeed. So I stick with my startup.txt to do some changes. And heres my question: is there any command for the startup.txt that allows to change all vehicles in any map into helicopters? As you know, I am still burning to make an airfight map possile. Thanks again for helping

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