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  2. I hope I will see the day when you will be fine .. but you are young and strong You will be fine. Until the next meeting Watch the new season of the Twin Peaks
  3. Still dealing with post surgery pain , since they had to cut my elbow open again. But besides that , everything good
  4. Life on Mars found You're fine, I hope
  5. Nope We went into hiding
  6. Is there anyone alive here?
  7. Mobile gaming taken on a lot. I mean... I havent touched a PC game for ages. Rarely use my xbox one (as i cant deal with the controls). Not sure if gaming will ever be the same as before.
  8. The only game I'm playing these days is Division , and its only like 1-2h a day so ... I need to find a game that people actually play and arent total brain dead "tools". COD was an amazing franchise (to met people and have fun) ... 6 years ago. Today COD is "dead and gone".
  9. ... playing mobile games hahaha. Ok will try to get chat back with next update
  10. Better late than never and the oldies still going strong LOL
  11. They all do it now. Become more of a social chat and integrated with other apps too. Way for communities and friends/family to keep in touch rather than using Skype.
  12. I'm late, course, all the best Dear All.
  13. Never liked TS too much. To be honest I didnt like any of those apps (TS , Ventrilo , etc.) Years back prefered to chat with whole team when playing or at least who ever was talking , now even when playing with friends I mute all of them instead of one person that actually "plays" with me
  14. Got a new phone... tested teamspeak 3 on iPhone and its way better than the version on Android. It's actually useable. Impressed actually, I should encourage friends and family to use it lol.
  15. Late Merry Christmas but at least I made it before Happy New Year
  16. Have a great break:) and a Happy New Year!
  17. Thought you meant something else besides the "notify me of replies" in reply window. Emails about PMs are always the only option I turn ON about notifications from forums
  18. Actually when replying to a post it says down the bottom 'notify me of replies', looks like this is disabled by default unless you move the scroll to enabled. If you get notifications of pm via email then it does work so no worries.
  19. I'm only getting notifications about PMs , so no clue. Or are you talking about something else ?
  20. Does email notification works. I dont think I received one.
  21. it sounds like something that never happend before
  22. Got 1 server running and havent had the chance to revamp service and forum. now its almost xmas as well lol oh well...
  23. get lords mobile on your phone/tablet!
  24. Next time put your pants back on when going outside , it helps
  25. Freezing my butt off
  26. Yep lol. Confusing. This new chat meant to store but doesnt.
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