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  2. At this point no FPS game is worth buying/playing for me. So I'm back to what I like to play most , strategy games (rts or turn based) mostly on weekends with a friend
  3. Hey you're alive .. Gaming? WOT only..and shoveling snow
  4. What you guys doing these days. No gaming anymore, in a wheelchair?
  5. Yea. Just like a zombie
  6. Old timers you guys still alive
  7. Yup , Merry Christmas to you too Rabbit And anyone else who is interested Since its close to New Year ... Happy 2018,
  8. Dear All. Merry Christmas you and your families. Until some better (gamers) times stand still healthy and happy.
  9. So maybe there will be a chance to play something ... after those few years Nothing changed over here.
  10. Hey chaps hows life guys. Long time no seen. Will have some time over Christmas, what about you.
  11. Agreed. Maybe when people are off for Xmas.
  12. So ... nothing changed Would be fun to once in a while get few people back and play few rounds ... of anything. Even something "free to play" so there wouldnt be a problem of people being forced to purchase something they dont have.
  13. Ya alot of work these days. Can't wait for Xmas
  14. Hi please, I would like to know if this project rome works for any online game, especially one that closed (tom clancys ghost recon phantoms) even if it is possible to play on private server / lan
  15. You are the first person from which I heard positive opinion about that (game) beta Everyone saying its God awful port with horrendous optimization. Plus if playing on PC noone plays anything else besides kids sniping (problem noticeable only on PC). Thats why I decided I wont even bother DLing beta.
  16. Yeh life is all about work nowadays Been trying to get back into gaming but its not the same as the good old days. Tried out some of the newer CoDs but wow that a pile of sh1te... Although I am enjoying the WWII beta.
  17. Scotland sounds like a country for me (I like it since I watched Trainspotting ) and.hello James, you handsome young man
  18. That makes a lot of sense , friend who lived in Scotland for few years told me the same thing To be honest my fav weather is snow/rain ...
  19. Ha yes! How's James doing up North. I've been so busy with work. Haven't had the chance to do anything. Including gaming!!
  20. Should come to Scotland, pretty much cold and miserable here all the time haha
  21. Hehe same here damn global warming
  22. I hope for winter as soon as possible Hate summer , need to find myself a cold place for those 3 - 4 months each year.
  23. Summer is going to end soon, I hope so... It was terrible, High temperature without rain omg And a bunch of stupid British everywhere I hope for a quick autumn And I think I'm not alone
  24. You didnt miss much at this point , its in BETA at the moment : My GO TO as a "relax" game is Division
  25. "Quake Champions" Never heard of it. (shame ) I think I ended up with FPS games. I have a problem with my eyes...Now I can only play games as WOT nice and easy style.
  26. Yup. For some reason I think the only way to have a good multiplayer COD experience is to go back to "old" CODs and for me there are only 2 there : COD4 and WaW (ok , maybe 3 of them adding first BO to it). One thing that is 100% sure this days is ... COD (franchise) is dead. Anyone following "Quake Champions" news ?
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