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  2. Very addictive game when you have the odd minutes to play. Controls can be tricky but overall experience is great. Reminds me of COD days
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  4. See attached and find out Clash of Clans EpicDot. Join us!
  5. Great mobile game, maybe one of the best. Like it a lot. IOS or Android or both!
  6. Had some time... to update forum version and patching. Theme updated and tons of other fixes. Missing logo as decided to scrap old one. Text only for now until a new logo been sourced. Updates will continue next few weeks and forums updated.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! Hope you are all well
  8. Just got on to wish anyone "interested" Merry Christmas and Happy 2020 ... and noticed that I came to wish it the exact same day last year Stay Safe Everyone
  9. No Country for Old Men my friend that's all I can say
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