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  1. ello m8 long time no see not seen you since fragzone was launched :( come visit us some time :)http://fragzonegaming.co.uk

  2. wattz

    New 4D1 server?

    also encouraging prodiigy to troll the epicdot servers in the comments on one of his utube vids a few days ago and asking for his hacks xD click to watch on utube to see the comments
  3. http://www.studentbeans.com/student-finance/a/student-loans/private-bank-loans-for-students1700.html
  4. personally id say the laptop will sell better prob worth about the same ,i wouldnt pay more than a couple hundred for the desktop ,if that ....parts are so cheap these days. ,http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-LAPTOP-INTEL-2-4GHz-UPTO-8GB-320GB-HDD-WINDOWS-8-HD-WEBCAM-/160935751180#vi-content as little as 450 and has much better graphics than your laptop :/ ( Radeon HD 7650M 1GB) Cant you apply for one of those student loan things james ?
  5. wattz

    AlterRevolution versus 4D1

    i got the 4D1 client and i dont need to hold my sprint key down ,tap it once i can auto sprint until i release forward :/
  6. wattz

    [Media] Intro for gaming vids

    ahahahahah yeh was only a template m8 am teaching myself after effects atm got cs6 and a load of plug ins for it ,got loads of ideas for stuff like this just need to learn what to do to make them how they are in my head lol

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  11. wattz


    excuse my poor gameplay im a noob on BBC2 ,get downloading all and lets have some carnage on the battlefield!!!!!!
  12. hi guys ,good to see the servers back had a quick blast earlier on MW2 thought id share my video of it ,defo rusty and need some practice again lol be good to see you all in game again soon hope you all had a good xmas !
  13. wattz


    i have the steam version with all dlc's ,it should work if i copied it to another folder and added the iBerianOps *chicks etc to the copied folder ? ,will try it in a bit and let you know if it works
  14. did you get any luck fixing this ? i can send my punkbuster folder if needed i dont get any pb kicks in game i havent updated it at all and works great
  15. Free Just have to renew every month in your account Choose from many locations http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/vks/geovks.xml ~~~ Details of your Micro vKS The VKS Micro is a lightweight version of classic VKS models and is specifically designed for low demanding applications. The Micro vKS is being distributed for free. Security measures have been put in place to protect against abuse. These measures include banning outgoing traffic on port 25 and all UDP traffic (except DNS). Technical characteristics 1 vCPU Processor 128MB of RAM Storage 5GB 500GB monthly traffic 10Mbps bandwidth IPv4 + IPv6 addresses Unauthorised UDP traffic Outgoing traffic forbidden on port 25 https://www.ovh.co.uk/cgi-bin/nic/newNic.cgi to register for order

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