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Black Ops II [modified]

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Out of the few out there, this one actually worked and did so first time without issues on my Windows 10. https://reactiongaming.us/community/threads/plutonium-t6-quick-start-guide-client-install-r372-2020-update.1232/ As per guide I copied my Steam game BO2 to another folder and used the client files as listed on the link to overwrite. Changed my nickname as described and best of all everything worked in 5 minutes. Best of all, you dont need some stupid forum login to play the game etc.

You can either browse servers or do a match making which may take ages. The advantage I see is that a group of friends can schedule in a game as/when they like it using own server. Tested a couple of servers. Its great, give it a try. Fancy a game? We can meet up on one of the servers as in the old days.


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