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How to Install CoD4X


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https://cod4x.me/ CoD4x is a modification of the Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare server. It fixes several bugs in the original binaries and allows developers to extend server functionality with additional variables and plugins. When using the CoD4x server, the clients invoke installation of the proprietary CoD4x client to players joining the server using the CoD4x servers, which fixes several known base game bugs in the client, and in combination with the server allows for extra features.

Before you install CoD4X, you have to update your game to the latest official version, which is 1.7.

If you own the Steam version, this is already done for you. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below.

Update the game to 1.7

  1. Download the 1.6 and 1.7 patches from here
  2. Install the 1.6 patch first as administrator
  3. Install the 1.7 patch as administrator
  4. Launch the game and check in the bottom right corner if 1.7 is displayed

Once you've done that, you can continue installing CoD4X.

Install CoD4X (1.8)

  1. Download CoD4X from here
  2. Extract the zip file to your Cod4 installation directory
  3. Enter the extracted folder (put the folder in the COD4 folder as sub folder, dont extract files in root of main COD4 folder)
  4. Run install.cmd. You might have to run it as administrator
  5. Launch the game and check in the bottom right corner if CoD4X is displayed

Uninstall CoD4X

  1. Enter the extracted folder
  2. Run uninstall.cmd. You might have to run it as administrator
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