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  1. hello, fockedup has been back for two weeks now, he's online on steam and fragzone daily
  2. Once a cheater, always a cheater! ole ole ole
  3. this is the all time alterIW cheater asking for better servers?
  4. they weren't yesterday, But they are there now.
  5. this 4D1 thing sucks, I don't know much about it, but not being able to aim while sprinting, and not being able to sprint without holding the sprint key just kills the game.
  6. Happy new year ED friends ! I wish you a year full of joy and happiness, oh and servers, lots of ED servers
  7. Money Waster 4 on the way! why not make a rollback and make some story about the dead characters?! Soap, Ghost or Roach!! killing those killed the game, why do they bother to make another one? would love to play it anyway ^^
  8. Click here to view the media
  9. He who is down, does not fear falling.

  10. Romney would have won he campaign if he had offered to ban this gay gangnam music worldwide
  11. oh that, alterrev is stable, but i think that 4D1 system has got some in game issues, for instance u cant sprint without holding the sprint button which has killed the speed of the game
  12. Have I missed out on something? Post title is about AlterRev MW2 but the content was more like BO, can someone please explain in 'simple words' ? too much technology up there for me
  13. she's awesome! the way she moves her body with the music is one of a kind!