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  1. awesome! tell me ye made that homey! n no download a template n stick yer name in it?
  2. happy crimbob folks!
  3. it just happened lol...
  4. hahaha, WRONG! what you are seeing is me on 4D1... : dedi servers with watchful admin, plus the ability to observe players so my statement stands, i gave up on "legit" mw3
  5. if 4d1 offer any kind of anti cheat better than that of of steam then i would play there, i gave up on legit mw3 as it is way over run with cheats
  6. what happened wattz? you used to be cool....
  7. wise words, heed them Wattz!
  8. lol Gazz, ok lets keep on topic! no, battlefield 3 will not be cr4cked or free to play! topic over...
  9. it was a game they enjoyed playing and it saddens some that they cant play it the same anymore, stop being so hitlerish about games, sure the staff were dicks but mw2 on dedicated servers was the shit in its hay day. you didnt dig mw2 dedi's but many ppl did
  10. haha, ok hit me with it!
  11. been learning to use Reason soft synth, i really like it, you can create, a mass of really epic sounds with it! heres a little clip from last of the mohicans, http://soundcloud.com/spacemonkeyj/mohicans sounds or instruments used are: full orchestra(bass notes are percusion and brass, high notes are strings) resonant violin x 2 orchestral percussionplayed it off the cuff with one take for each instrument so excuse the flaws heres a straight up grand piano sound too, i really like the sound it produces, ill give you all an update once i make something a bit more complete track im playing is clubbed to death (just the piano break) http://soundcloud.com/spacemonkeyj/clubbedtodeath
  12. yeah when i got my first pc, Max Payne was first game i installed! completed it in like 2 days (2 days straight!) Awesome series, cant wait! edit: hahaha, the dream scenes... "suddenly it all made sense, why i was being controlled by a gamepad, why i had my health and ammo displayed in my vision... i was in a video game!" lmao, that bit was epic!
  13. nice one holmes, yeah feature length would be sweet Baek was usually my guy, or Lei, but i was quite fond Jin's bick toe to the face kick (think it was back, back, circle) too..
  14. just one thing about that... Oswald wasn't there!