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  1. I'm writing this guide to give guidance to those who wish to grow quick and with good stats - This is a guide aimed for new or existing low level players or those whom are curious to how i see the game. This is a WIP and will be updated over a few months until complete - formatting and other information will not be present for awhile so this may not read correctly yet. Introduction: Lords Mobile is a game of statistics, although loot chests and guild gifts are all Random Number Generated and unpredictable the rest of the game follows a set of rules, these rules are essential for fighting and hitting hard. This is the key thing to remember in this game it is simply all numbers. The main gauge of how powerful a player is is called Might this is a figure representative of their progress in game. If we break down this might figure we get 3 essential parts and a few other less important stuff.. for the purpose of this guide we will talk about the 3 essential might figures. Research: Research might is one of the most important in the game this can be used to gain stats or unlock features in the game. Their is a lot of good and bad research you can do as a player, but ideally the more of research the better regardless - might that doesn't make you hit harder, or absorb better i'll refer to as 'Fluff Might'. When researching some priorities should be done: Economy Tree - This increases many in game production stats as well as providing a construction speed boost that is useful, i recommend to get construction speed lvl 10 before you start Castle Lvl25. All but the last level of this Tree is required for T4 troops. Military Tree - This is your hitting power - the unlocks of this tree is T4 troops. This increases your base stats for army without your leader, when you include leader your talents, gear and other boosts will apply. Monster Tree (Technically fluff) - Monster hunting is very very useful, this tree may not give any reasonable stats for attack or defence in itself it does however allow you to hunt monsters more efficiently - after Monster Hunter 4 you can take a break from using this tree. MONSTER HUNTING IS IMPORTANT THE MORE YOU HUNT THE MORE GEAR ITEMS YOU GET, THE BETTER YOUR GEAR THE HARDER YOU HIT OR DEFEND! Max Deposit - this is in multiple tree's - increasing this will increase your trove payout which will earn you more Free Gems a month. Their are a few things you can do to speed up research time - these include levelling up your academy and by earning meddles for certain hero's (SB to update with hero names) Buildings: Building are very important, however i will update this section later. Essentially you want 12+ infirmary, 1 or 2 barracks and 1 or 2 manors... the rest should be split between the resources (but food is useless) Trove - get this up as high as you can you will need the monthly gem income to get 30day speed ups to get the higher level researches done quicker - oh and yeah those pesky gold hammers for level 25. Troops: Troop are useful for being able to do everything from gathering to attacking and defending, without them the game is not possible to play. But the rules for what troops you have depend on your exact circumstance. When defending you want as many T1s as you can have they provide 1/3.5th of the power of T4 but are a lot cheaper and quicker to produce, oh and they instantly heal, so you can spam the 'All' and 'Heal' button if you are being attacked if you have over 2mil of these and eat em all! The amount you can use in defence are unlimited! When attacking you want as many T3s or T4s as you can, as the amount you can send out to attack IS LIMITED you want to send the stronger troops out to do more damage to a target. Below shows how many of a single troop type is worth in T1s T1 = 1 T2 = 2 T3 = 3 T4 = 3.5 #### With troops we have a few battalions we should use (these assume 10k t3 seige are also added) The first i call "505", this number indicates the breakdown from top to bottem in the troop selection window. 505: 50% infinity and 50% carvery. This will counter Range and Infinity. !In Camp Vs Camp tests with the same stats this is the best attack! The second i call "055" 055: 50% Sniper and 50% Cavalry. This will counter Cavalry and Infinity. !This is the most common attack formation! I do not use 550 as it is too easily beaten by either of the above. #### Attack formation should always be the counter to whatever they have the most of, once you have attacked the first time and know the targets formation you can change decide if you need to counter that formation instead or not, but a lot of factors are required to that which i will do when i update this guide.
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