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    My name is Eddy, 17 years old.
    Playing soccer. Enjoy clubbing.
    Love for shooters.
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    Soccer, Music, Games
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  1. Quote the words, wich express that I'm shocked. It was a suggestion, nothing more...
  2. Shouldn't there be one? For people with PS3, Xbox etc. At the momen you're able to talk about cellphone technology but not about gaming consoles while that has more to do with gaming/cod then cellphones. Just my opinion...
  3. Here some interesting CoD4 configs. Used by pro gamers: Mazarini: http://www.cod4-configs.com/configs/Mazarini Cobra: http://www.cod4-configs.com/configs/Cobra These configs are promod configs, which provides you with more fps, better reg and it makes it easier to spot enemies and other stuff. Very usefull. Greetz
  4. The 2 paragraphs are from a article I placed on CoD community forums. Wich were indeed advertising, but if I only came back to advertise for this community I wouldn't post outside this section or wouldn't form it this way. Anyways, I'm not here to make a fight. Check the website out if you want, if you don't don't check it. And yes, if you would make a topic for epicdot on YWG forum. Do that, I will make sure if won't be deleted.
  5. I know but I thought you could check it out. And Toper, the MW2 servers are very nice... props for that.
  6. Hi there people, No, I'm not here back to directly advertise for the community that I'm in. But I just think you should check it out. You too Whoops, just to see how they are working. Maybe you have small items, you think are handfull for you. http://www.yeswegame.net/ If it's ok with you Whoops I'll add some information about the clan too. But that's kinda advertising for my clan, and since I'm just back I'm not going to do that. Greetings.
  7. BTW: You still got a problem with forum activity?
  8. webbed


    My parents just bought an Ipad 1... stupid parents...
  9. Well main reason why I went away from the community was the forum on that website. It had some nice features like videos and a lot of information on each profiles but the SMF forum was way better. But I still play CoD so you can see me more often on the servers. Wil place a topic about the community I joined after I went away... it has a lot of similarities and I think you should check it out... Anyways.. good to see you here whoops
  10. Hi there, What happened to Epicdot? First it went from the SMF forum, to a weird website, and now to vBulletin? Watsup here? Wasn't really active on the forums anyway but what is going on here? Still many active servers, and whoops still owners so... Ow, people could know me as "-SaS-Edje" "Edje" or "Webbed". Was very active when they still had the SMF forum...
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