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  1. I wish you all and the ones you love a great 2013! Happy New Year!
  2. I think endbg is right! Left to right 1) on the leftmost part of the pic color switches from green to (kinda) yellow 2)a litle black spiral scroll is inverted (in the grey part) 3)the white lines drawn in the black area are inverted (near the top of the pic) 4) a white scroll near the guy’s left foot appears on the second pic. 5) the guys t-shit changes its colour 6) the orange area above the hand of the guy. 7) a can in the floor is missing 8) on the top the yellow lettes spell “massachusetts” diferently 9) plastic bag’s colour changes 10) the water bottle dissapears 11) MYV turns to MYY I don't see more differences.
  3. Yo All!, The =ESW= Elite Soldiers of War clan has two new CoD4 EU TDM servers. =ESW= pub TDM http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ =ESW= pub HC TDM http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ We hope that the ones who still play CoD4 will join our servers.
  4. Forum is slow @ the moment. average: 68m/s
  5. I only like to eat fish, because i have no patience to catch one.
  6. If you're trying to make a killstreak and you get after 5 kills an airstrike, you try to put it somewhere where normaly noboddy of your team could be. Sadly you killed a hopelessly lost player of your team also known as a camper and your killstreak is gone.
  7. I think its a great initiatief, i was person 50875 who undersigned the petition. But you must keep this topic alive to reach more people.
  8. I want to show you why {S}oulja has a low ping. Its a wireless connection in our house (the ip) and from there to the |ED| #4 server. You see no bottlenecks in the connection to the server, try it yourself. btw: The fluctuation of your ping is cuased by the amount of traffic on your connection freeway to the server.
  9. Yes your internet connection is very important, but also the route to the gameserver. You can check the route in windows with the cmd "tracert" without the quotes. Now you can see if there are bottlenecks in the route. If there are you know the reason for your high ping and if you want you can thinking of changing from provider.
  10. @Whoops: Yes it was Whoops, but does that make a difference about believe in right or wrong? I think that i was very correct in my writing without blaming or insulting someone. I know when alot of people are winning about cheaters you can't spec them all and just a kick can solve the problems, but calling someone a cheater without watching/spec him is in my opinion not right and i thought that you had the same believe about this. You may close this topic if you want and keep up the good work. Best Regards, The Wather
  11. Thank you WhiteRabbit for your explaination and you Whoops for your (maybe a bit sarcastic) goodnight. A very good player is accused of cheating and prove is not nessasary. @ Whoops: this was one of your answers when it involved your friend Razz. "Also if you accuse somebody for cheating, there is no help in saying 'I saw it'. It needs to be investigated further than that. I thank all the good admins for there reactions on this topic, keep doing your great work. Best Regards, The Watcher
  12. He has a legit key and it's still uniek, but there were three players spectating one of them was maimon.
  13. |ED| server #4 I was watching a game and suddenly the player {S}oulja were kicked without any reason or warning. The only admin online that i know was maimon. Someone did this and i don't say it was maimon, but please give me a reason for it, because the admin forgot to do this. If you ganna tell me that he is a cheater, include some proof please. If you will not give any reason, i think that you an |ED|admin who use his rights in a wrong way by kicking someone without warning or telling that player the reason. Best Regards, The Watcher
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