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  1. I agree gaming is not the same but I try to game on my free time. I mainly moved to overwatch and the battlefield series as far as multiplayer. Yeah I understand being busy and other things taking over your life. One of the reasons I had to give up running a clan. lots of things change for me. Now have a IT position that I love to do but takes up more of my time. I am marry now but wife has been sick sadly. No kids yet. Still have gaming plans once you have the free time?
  2. Just stopping to say hello. I like the new fourm look. Hope everybody is doing well. I check the site from time to time but decided to post this time
  3. That looks pretty interesting, may buy it and give it a shot on my android phone
  4. I don't have it pre-order but I been thinking about getting it. I did like black ops so I may give black ops 2 a shot.
  5. KingSkillz

    64 Slots

    Most maps can take 64 players, I say out of the total of 21 maps, maybe 6 of them are not fit for 64 players. If you talking about only the Stock maps, I say only 2 I can't play on if it 64 players.
  6. I going to wait till the reviews come out before I buy it. I was not a big fan of Medal of Honor tier1 MP but I did see the potential. So I hopping it will be a improvement.
  7. KingSkillz

    bf3 free

    Yeah he right it will never be non legit and it was the same with BC2.
  8. I don't play MW3 a lot but I do have it so you guys can send me a invite if you like Steam = KingSkillz
  9. KingSkillz

    bf3 free

    yeah if you waiting to see will it be free the chances of that happening is very slim to none and if I was a betting man than I would say it will not be free. There are always sales going on so if you do want to buy it you can look around for a good price
  10. I do have a xbox 360 but my little brother does not have a gaming system and most games I want to play on the xbox 360, I can get for my PC. So I only play the xbox 360 when I visit my mom.
  11. Could be a lot of problems, I would do these basic first if fockedup post did not work http://www.xfire.com/faq/#178 If it still do not work, maybe you can uninstall again but use CCcleaner to clean out any registry files. Also heard some anti virus can cause it so just for a test, disable it and try again to see what happens.
  12. Just making sure that is it all games or just one game?
  13. They rarely have good sales on cod games. I don't BO should not be 59.99usd still without the sale They will be some great games on sale during these times. I will definitely recommend the Mass effect series. One of the best RPG/Action games I ever played. I got it myself to add it to my steam account
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