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  1. same. i've got one week free from work after the release anyone who finds me outside my house will get 5000 euro , im sure that none will succeed at this
  2. kolard, you should think about some things: 1) NEVER say that you can be sure that one of the 'good' players you know isn't hacking. I've met way too many of those 'good' players. So you shouldn't argue about that. 2) MoS is one of the fairest / friendliest admins I've ever met, he won't kick without any evidence. 3) There is no need to explain us your gamestyle, it won't proof anything. Nothing against you, but i bet there are way more experienced players with a better movement/aiming which are still hacking. 4) I know how much it sucks to get kicked/ banned from servers without no reasons, but you can't change it. So accept such decisions and answers.
  3. press ingame esc->options->video-> change settings from low/med/high/ultra to custom and you have full access to your settings.
  4. i guess thats the reason why its still a beta the game is still awesome , as awesome as the fact that i can run it in full hd with max settings on my pc *__*
  5. How dare you ... I would suggest everyone to visit his/her local cinema and watch it there. It's definitely worth it.
  6. Ah yes, Reapers... mass effect 1 and 2 are my fav games atm. At least we get skyrim for the wait time, probably also an awesome game.
  7. Imo the multiplayer part of the CoD series got worse since CoD4... And I don't see the point why it should improve with a new team. Too many people would moan if they would remove all the overpowered weapons, perks and killstreaks players got used to. I won't buy that game unless there aren't major changes in the gameplay back to a CoD4 like feeling. That says all from my position
  8. I've found a simple solution. It's possible to overwrite the CoD6 with the CoD4 cfg .The only thing which doesn't work is the fov.
  9. I was playing today and from one moment to the other all my textures changed. I've neither used any colorchange binds nor I've experienced sth like that before. Every textures was messed up or replaced by others . /vidrestart fixed that in the end. Though I want to know if someone got the same bug once before or knows how i could prevent this in the future? Btw don't laugh about my graphics and resolution
  10. It would be awesome if I could use my CoD 4 cfg for CoD 6 . Is this tool able to perform such things?
  11. Why didn't you ban all these hackers? Especially the one in the other team
  12. I guess there is one problem. How do you want to see the difference between a script user and someone who binds shooting on the mousewheel ?
  13. I've played with him yesterday and for me it seemed that he's just a good player. -00- spectated him as far as i know and he also got the opinion that everything was fine. but like blackwood said, i don't know about this case.
  14. first some neurofunk dnb to wake up and than some liquid dnb to relax
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