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  1. Stands to reason, its sour Grapes from those guys just because they did not think to do the same as Rev
  2. Agreed wattz, kaspersky and bit defender show no probs, I'm happy to play it as is. Enjoy;)
  3. just have to say thank you to sinister for leaving when asked until we can sort this out
  4. Hope they are still there, will have a look tonight. Cant find it
  5. Rrrrrright, well anyway any excuse to post a vid :grin: http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit?ns=1&video_id=7609CtCy-S8
  6. Watch videos in media section, I got an ak mixed in with intervention, it happens get over it and accept what happened to you. Video will be posted later.
  7. a clip of focked trying to snipe always entertains me
  8. reagrds to? clips? accents? material for naration?
  9. Depends on if you mind an accent that has an occasional west country twang with a bit of cockney thrown in here and there, the occasional posh tone sometimes makes an appearance. Why not hold auditions on teamspeak?
  10. checking is all very well, staying a persevering is how you gunna get people back
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