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    Not forgotten and still there. They have always been tracked by Gametracker. They were once very busy and full 24/7, later players moved on to other games and in general thousands of servers came offline. We kept our servers online but they have not been advertised that much. With the recent discount from Steam, more players may join WaW servers? Have added its own section so it is easier to discuss/share.
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    Here is a sneak preview of the wow server which is currently in development I might add more previews at any stage
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    I dont understand point of this video........ Your friend took it and you uploaded to prove that he is not cheating? That doesnt proves nothing. Dont get me wrong,Im not saying that he does (at least not last night when this happened),just saying that when people get accused of cheating wont accomplish anything by posting their own video of random game.
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    Yeah i know wattz, WoWCracck is a powerful drug but i've been clean for over a year and getting a lot more done now that i don't spend 7 hours in a raid
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    I like to practice it with real weapons, COD is not enough for me So i will share my experience. Let's start with this one: SIG Sauer P220
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    aIW2 or IW4M2 is the update for 3 Single player maps to be merged into mulitplayer as new maps, it is separate from the normal multiplayer (IW4M1) because some people might not like it as there is some bugs with in it. New maps include: Burger town (invasion), Oilrig and Gulag More info http://alteriw.net/viewforum.php?f=130
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    i always leave the server with the message "dont forget to add us to your faves :)" seems it might have worked sorry also forgot to add, thnx for helping me populate it Stiuart
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    I'm all for giving people a chance to be better - most either don't take the chance or dont want to in the first place. Have u thought about a donation to help with dedicated server costs? It can be a one off or even a regular thing
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    EXACTLY. you have to change your gameplay, THINK about what you're doing instead of rushing about, take your time, use tactics. Imagine if British Army quit because of IED's in afghanistan! "thats not fair, i'm going home to tell my mum"
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    Seeing that our BBC2 server is getting populated again, will make some changes like auto messages, reserved slots and other things. Also looking into public game stats and how to integrate that into our site.
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    you are making your case worst gangsta
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    we will wait for roach version but i am already sure you are the one who abuse, in general you have 3 or more warning before being kicked so take it easy before accusing like this or it will may be definitiv ban
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    When playing on #2 and #4.5 make sure you have updated your punkbuster!
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    We have added a RUSH server (24 slots), note that it will be closed if not used over the next month or so. The game play is great and we should try to keep it. We are also looking into the new BF3 with 64 slots... well at least 32 hehe. Just so that you get an idea what the providers will have to cope with. The new BF3 uses twice as much CPU power as the BC2 game from the server side of things. A 64 slots setup is fairly expensive but we will see.
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    Hey guys. Lately I remembered that thread whoops posted about no more admins being added for some reason. Well, I'd like to say that you need more admins because the more servers you have then more people play on them and 40% of them might hack so you need a bigger amount of admins imo to make sure that everything is quite and normal. plus admins for various countries would be nice since most of us and most players are from different time zones. so if for example there are 10 admins and 5 of them are from the UK and the other 5 from different parts of Europe that would not be nice. Also, as some may know Whoops removed me for clear bullshit, and I dont even know why to be honest thats why im saying its bullshit in the first place, and i would like to say to Whoops that : first off i wouldnt say this if you didnt ignore my messages you hypocrite second thing is that i want, no demand to know, why i was removed and when i can apply again
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    GREAT! May x3n burn in hell.
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    Hiya, most people playing in #4 server are getting sick of Reflective FF. So I decided to make a poll with the spirit of MW2 poll. In such a large pop server its beyond easy after all to kill yourself with airstrikes, nades, tubes, blocks, etc.
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    I made a little something you can add to replace Made by BaberZz. Maybe you can make it a link to ED forums, so if someone clicks on the picture, they're directed to the ED forums?
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    About an hour ago now, I was playing on "EpicDot.com #8 SEARCH AND DESTROY." There was a clan with no skill whatsoever (called [s0] ) abusing the fact that the spectate mode is set to free. They 'cheated' by telling each other the locations of the enemy team whenever they died. IMO, the way to resolve this is just to set the spectator mode to team-only, so that people can only spec their team when they're dead. BTW, if this thread is in the wrong forum, move it to where it's supposed to be. >_>
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    Server getting busier now especially over the weekends. That is good! We will try to add auto messages on the server sat/sun.
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    Why? I actually forgot, I copied server #3's config and since I had to rush everything this minor setting was overlooked. But it may not be a bad idea after all. In the past people have moaned about nades, martyr and what. As you know majority of players dont like big custom changes but bog standard gameplay, we have tried to customise the server in the past - players did not like it and started to loose interest. Friendly Fire REFLECT can be good and useful, very often it will force the player to think twice before a random nade is used or an airstrike with some random strike hoping for easy kills. Although some players will moan, most people did not seem to mind as the server was quickly populated and full with 32 slots for a good while. Also note that all our MW2 servers or most of them have FF on REFLECT and they are very busy and always full @ weekends - so it cant be that bad . Anyway, I will leave it on for a couple of weeks and we can then discuss then?
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    Guys, I want to reinstall windows and I wonder can I save my rank55 so I dont must go from beginning... Tnx
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    We have had this server before (COD4 custom maps server) and it worked for a short while for then going dead. To populate as server like this it takes time, and more people need to advertise/help out. I think it is doable if we start with 5 (of the best) maps with fast redirect download and also make the maps available via ftp, download sites and torrents. If we meet up on a regular basis for a game this will also encourage players. What do you think?

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