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So in the past few days , thanks to few YouTubers found a bunch of pretty interesting games.

If anyone visits YT on daily basis and checks some gaming channels he probably seen those games by now :)

Some are MODs , some BETAs but still they are all pretty awesome in the end.

So here we go with 2 "entertaining" choices :lol:



You can look for different YouTuber if Nanners bothers you , I found those games thanks to him so I'm adding his vids/links.

Apparently this vid made it to gaming TV (dont remember which one) thanks to Morgan Freeman "impressions" :)


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Found one more , for most it will probably be another "zombie shooter".

But gameplay and game itself looks really interesting.

Looking at how popular other zombie games are and how much of them are being released , I think this one could "work" :)

Especially when using Source Engine :D


For more precise view I would recommend checking gameplays.

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